One more reason why dryer vent maintenance is very important: I received a phone call this morning to inspect a dryer vent at an apartment complex that had caught on fire last night. The dryer vent was installed correctly but it had never been cleaned before. 

The dryer then overheated because it had to work extra hard to dry the laundry. A small piece of lint inside the dryer vent line ignited and traveled upwards; which caused the lint filled vent line to ignite.  

Fortunately the fire department was able to extinguish the fire before further damage to the building could be done. This fire could have been a horrible disaster if the fire had caught the unit on fire and then traveled to the other 7 units in the building. This could have all been avoided simply by getting the dryer vent exhaust line cleaned.   

Nick Lovellette
Dryer Vent Wizard of Middle Tennessee
12/9/2010 03:47:18 pm

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