Dryer vent cleaning is importance maintenance. Dryer vent cleaning prevents dryer fires and increases dryer efficiency. Dryer vent cleaning prevents appliance breakdown and promotes maximum dryer performance.

If you have a gas powered clothes dryer in your home, regular dryer vent cleaning can make a difference between life and death. Gas appliances cost less to operate, but they come with a number of responsibilities to make sure they are being safely used in your home.

Gas dryers, like gas furnaces and gas water heaters, must be properly vented in order to release gas by-products, including carbon monoxide, from your home. Cleaning dryer ducts to remove lint build-up allows carbon monoxide to flow freely from your home along with the heat and moisture from your laundry. When lint is allowed to accumulate and clog the dryer vent system, your dryer works harder to expel the hot air and the levels of carbon monoxide may increase in your home. Too much carbon monoxide can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which at its worst can lead to death.

Some of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are:
Feeling faint and tired

Many people who experience these symptoms don’t realize it until it's too late. They attribute their symptoms to some other reason. With carbon monoxide, you may not even smell the fuel leak as it takes over your home.

What if you are feeling the symptoms?

Once you have the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, even if you aren't sure of the cause, you should get some fresh air and turn off the appliances. Walk outside for a little while and see if you feel better. If you do, you should open up all the windows and doors and air out your house for some time after the appliances are turned off.

It is likely other members of your family are feeling the same types of symptoms as you are. If your symptoms are severe, you should go to the hospital and report that you believe you may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The best way to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning is to prevent it in the first place. Like the furnace, which most people have serviced regularly, a clothes dryer should also have periodic professional inspection, cleaning and maintenance. A professional will perform a thorough inspection and make necessary corrections to be sure your dryer vent system is safe and your dryer operates efficiently.

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