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To increase awareness of dryer vent safety, DVW is offering Tips & Tools. Homeowners & community groups are encouraged to download the Tips brochure and the video, "Don´t Let Your Dryer Start a Fire, Keep Your Home Safe and Sound". FREE dryer vent safety check kits that help identify dryer vent problems can also be ordered!

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Dryer Vent Installation & Repair

Protect your home and save money on your electricity bill with help from Dryer Vent Wizard. We can replace your existing dryer vents and get them up to the standard to help keep you safe. Also, we provide professional dryer vent repair services.

  • We replace the current vent using a semi rigid material or rigid material approved by IRC.
  • We can work with any type of existing vent line.
  • Some homes require drilling through the concrete cinderblock.
  • We have access to all the needed materials.
  • This material is resistive to mold and fire hazards.
  • The material we use is approved by the IRC.

  • We can install new vent lines.
  • Vinyl, plastic, and foil are vulnerable and can collapse at any time.
  • We carry all of the necessary tools and materials to repair and install your dryer vents.
  • The material we use has been proven to be resistive to hazards.
If you currently have vinyl, plastic, or flexible foil vents, it is highly recommended you replace this material, because it is a fire hazard in your home and is not approved by the International Residential Code.